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Applause hello good afternoon guys welcome to my kidney squirrel crush my name is Mahmoud in this video I'm gonna explain to you how to fill out a vehicle schedule or chord form also known as court once a night now I'm going to show you the basics how to fill out this form properly you don't really need all the necessary information to fill out on the court form you only need to know certain basic things in order to get a proper quote the first thing first you gonna put a date obviously your date is going to be the day of your writing the court form to get a call agencies place will be working in form we're working with carrier and policy policy number you don't really need that and they spend in my previous video carrier policy number are only used when you let's say the customer gives you that information A or B Jack you had a customer before and you have that information but for code purpose you don't really need it effective date is basically one do you want to find I really don't put it down because customer could bind any moment any time so it's no point to put in the effective date unless you know that customer wants to certain time to be an effective date I will put it down but other than that usually you know you don't put this down name in short it could be a name it could be a person individual or business make sure from that part vehicle description is because this is vehicle schedule form you need certain things for example description whether you're running the form getting the court for vehicle number year make model body type in vehicle type in the commercial the private vehicle whatever it is agent 8 called system all the information your vehicle should have it garage address where you putting apart car and most of the time license state or if your driving license all these questions are related to your your your vehicle your underwriters should help you out whatever you need what sets of getting your vehicle for example to do phone coverage or more liability whatever it is they're gonna help you sort of question on once you do with this part you should be done obviously using find reviews of commercial check coverages what do you what do you have such as you know like all these questions are related to your clients ask these questions in order to find out what baby once you do that part out as you can see this more - there's more than one question so make sure you ask the questions related to the vehicle they you from shopping 24 once you're done with that then you're done with the cord one tonight and that's how you fill out up equal things little cord for with that said thank you guys for watching this video and I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys have any other questions comments concerns please comment like subscribe I'll try my best on my part to help you out as much as I can thank you again guys for watching this video and I hope you guys enjoyed it